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Look How Pretty She Is When She Falls...

3 April

Hi! Welcome to my journal :) My name is Shelly aka Shellz, I am 28 years old going on 29 next April. I live in Western Canada, proud to be canadian♥ I love to make people laugh, I especially laugh at myself all the time, hate taking life so seriously...what's the point? I am daydreamer, works hard, parties even harder. I love to sing in the car while the music is blasting and the windows rolled down. I tend to sleep odd hours, would like for it to be christmas all-year-round. Family and friends are the most important to me, ALWAYS. Camping is my favourite summer time activitly, snow tubing is my favourite winter time activity. I love looking at all the pretty flowers in the spring and kicking through the leaves in the fall. Photography is a absolute passion of mine. You just gotta remember one thing about me, I am a total dork and if you like to be a goof and have fun then we will get along just fine.

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