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Dec. 31st, 2018 | 07:59 pm

Friending Policy: Please comment on my Friend's Only post if you add me or I won't know if you did. thanks ♥
Sometimes I delete people because of reasons such as: NOT commenting or HARDLY updating or that I just LOST interest and finding myself scrolling past your entries. So don't take it personally if you see that I have taken you off my list ♥

*comment to be considered, thanks*

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friends cut entry only

Mar. 29th, 2006 | 06:31 am

I don't like doing these but, this one was much needed.
*If you want to be added back then tell me on my friend's only post please*

March,29,2006Collapse )

May,03,2006Collapse )

May,22,2006Collapse )

July,03,2006Collapse )

July,11,2006Collapse )

July,16,2006Collapse )

March,30,2007Collapse )

May,01,2007Collapse )

October,10.2007Collapse )

that is all.

I can't keep up with my friend's list anymore, no hard feelings.

*If your not on these list then I accidently cut you, just tell me and I will re-add you :)*

(This entry will only be public for a week then I am locking it up until the next time I do a cut)

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